SUNSET ENTERTAINMENT GROUP was founded in 1990 by Alan Hajjar, Eric James, and George Nahas with the intention of ushering in a new age of creativity and innovation to the LA nightlife scene. Specializing in the conceptualization, design, construction and management of restaurants and supper clubs throughout the greater Los Angeles area, SEG has an unmistakably prominent presence in the LA nightlife industry.For over twenty years, SEG has been revolutionizing the way that people experience LA, combining cutting edge venues and stage production with innovative design and unparalleled quality. SEG’s dedication to detail allows them to capture the essence of Hollywood’s elegance and excitement and as a result of this mentality, their venues have become the focus of numerous awards, accolades, and articles. This strong media presence, combined with critical and public acclaim, has given SEG the power to set industry standards with any project they choose to undertake.SEG continues to raise expectations with unique concepts, dynamic spaces and outstanding service.

Their newest venture, LURE, opened in May 2012 and has quickly become a Hollywood hotspot for A-listers, socialites, and those looking to experience all that LA nightlife has to offer. The venue has attracted the world’s top DJs and performers, promising the ultimate experience in the heart of Hollywood. Although their roots are firmly set in California, SEG aims to broaden their influence to major metropolitan cities in the U.S. and abroad in the coming years.